Are Jigsaw Blades Interchangeable?

I bought my first Jigsaw recently and needed to buy some particular blades for precise cuts. I was worried that I wouldn’t buy the right ones because I did not know if they were interchangeable. So I looked into it.

Most Jigsaw blades are interchangeable, because most jigsaws use the newer T-shank blades. If you have much older jigsaw that uses the U-shank blades they may not be interchangeable. T-Shank blades are more common because they are usually easily changed without the use of any tools.Any Jigsaw using the newer T shaped blades are interchangeable regardless of brand.

There are many things to consider when buying new blades one of them being the type of shank that you need to fit your saw.

What is the difference between a T-shank blade and a U-shank blade?

T-shank and U-shank blades are different because as noted in the name one of them looks like a T and one of them looks like a U. U-Shank blades generally require a specific tool in order to loosen the blade and clamp down on the blade. The T shaped is more common because usually it is as easy as unlocking a lever, removing the the blade. Then slipping in a new blade and tightening the lever again. T Shank blades generally site more stable in the jigsaw and have better reliability.

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